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Extract data from pdf, images, invoices and receipts with intelligent OCR deep learning based and use our platform to manage them 

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myocr.app  takes JPG, PNG, GIF images or PDF documents as input. Supports multi-page documents 

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Give up manual processing of documents!

eliminate the need for time consuming and costly manual data entry

Our platform helps businesses in extracting, classifying and automating documents 

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Save costs

Manual document processing is slow and costly.
Any organization that receives a large number of vendor invoices on paper can benefit from invoice processing technology

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Save time

Capture data from documents instantly. Reduce the manual effort required

Our platform helps you read piles of documents six times faster than manual efforts

Cuts the time spent on manually rekeying data and finding related documents

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Increase quality of data with confidence score for each field and machine learning capabilities

Each extracted field is assigned a confidence score. You can review and modify fields with low-confidence score

Simplicity and Productivity

Discover how our platform simplifies and automates the operations for many businesses that have documents to process, read and verify and increases productivity by digitizing your documents