Streamlining Document Management and Data Extraction

myocr.app is a user account management platform that offers a range of document analysis features.

Users can easily upload various types of documents, including generaldocuments, invoices, and receipts, for analysis purposes. The platform provides a comprehensive dashboard that gives users an overview of their activities and statistics related to document management, such as the number of uploaded documents and the total number of extracted pages. Users can efficiently manage their uploaded files, accessing details such as file name, size, and upload date.

The platform utilizes advanced technology to automatically extract structured information from general documents, such as tables and bullet lists. When it comes to invoices, the system can extract crucial details like supplier name, invoice number, and total amount. Similarly, for receipts, it extracts essential information such as store name, purchase date, and product details.

To facilitate data analysis and reporting, myocr.app presents analysis results in dedicated dashboards for each document type. Users have the option to download the extracted data in formats like Excel or CSV for further processing.

Additionally, a search feature is available, enabling users to quickly locate specific documents based on keywords or phrases they contain.

Overall, myocr.app streamlines the document management process and provides users with powerful tools for extracting and organizing data from various types of documents.

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